WCC Introductions

In-class introductions

Are you looking for a way to further support your students' writing and communication skills in the classroom? Look no further! The Writing and Communication Centre (WCC) offers a quick in-person introduction to the services and programs we have available for the Spring 2023 term. We come into your classroom and show your students what services we have available and how easily to access them. Just fill out the request form below, and our Workshops and Integrated Programs Associate will contact you to discuss your next steps. It's that simple! See you in the classroom.

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This three-minute video highlights the Writing and Communication Centre's services, such as our appointment, drop-in, and online resource services, and includes some information on our graduate and undergraduate programs. It's a great starting point for introducing your students to the Writing and Communication Centre's services.

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Help spread the word about the Writing and Communication Centre's services! You can share the link to our introductory pamphlet with your students by clicking the button below, or your can embed our pamphlet into your course's LEARN site by copying the code below and adding it to your course.

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