Adjunct faculty named to Royal Society of Canada

Neil TurokNeil Turokadjunct faculty for the Department of Physics and Astronomy and Director of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics has been elected a Fellow of the prestigious Royal Society of Canada.

Turok is a globally renowned physicist known for his contributions to cosmology, the study of the origins and evolution of the universe. He is a world leader in developing and testing fundamental theories and is the co-inventor of the cyclic model for cosmology.

Fellows of the Royal Society are peer selected and are distinguished intellectuals who have made remarkable contributions to the arts, humanities and the sciences. 

Congratulations Neil Turok on the appointment! 

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Photograph of Michel Gingras
Professor and Canada Research Chair in Condensed Matter Physics & Statistical Mechanics

My main current interests are in the area of random disordered systems and problems pertaining to frustrated classical and quantum magnetic systems. I often collaborate with experimentalists, either trying to understand their results or to think of new experiments to test theoretical ideas.