Who we are

Beacon for the brightest

The best and brightest are drawn to the University of Waterloo for our renowned academic programs, world-leading co-operative education and teaching/research excellence. We embrace the opportunity to collaborate with, and be elevated by, a world-class peer group.

At the forefront of innovation, Waterloo champions a culture of curiosity, exploration, risk-taking, entrepreneurship, global stewardship and leadership. We bring bold ideas and brilliant minds together — inspiring innovations with global impact today and in the future.

Our differentiators 

Our focus on strategic integration of teaching and academic excellence, experiential education, entrepreneurial spirit and impact-driven research makes the University of Waterloo one of the most relevant, connected and innovative institutions in the world.

As a robust entrepreneurial engine and home to the world’s leading cooperative education program, Waterloo is a beacon for creators, explorers and boundary-pushing thinkers.

Student working on a machine in a lab