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Courses in Societal AI

The following are courses recently offered by the Cheriton School's AI Group related to Societal AI.

  • CS480/680 (Edith Law): Machine Learning (Winter 2019)
    (this course has a project and poster session on ML for Social Good)
  • CS489 (Maura Grossman): AI: Law, Ethics and Policy (Fall 2019)
  • CS492/692 (Robin Cohen): Social Implications of Computing (Winter 2017, Winter 2018, Winter 2019)
  • CS798 (Maura Grossman): AI: Law, Ethics and Policy (Fall 2017, Fall 2018, Fall 2019)
  • CS798 (Shai Ben-David): Machine Learning and Society Impact (Fall 2017)
  • CS886 (Robin Cohen): AI and Philosophy (Fall 2017)
  • CS886 (Robin Cohen): Trust and Online Social Networks (Winter 2016, Fall 2018)
  • CS886 (Jesse Hoey): Affective Computing (Winter 2016, Winter 2017)
  • CS889 (Edith Law): Human-in-the-Loop Systems (Fall 2015)
  • CS889 (Edith Law): Human-AI Interaction (Winter 2018)
  • CS898 (Robin Cohen): Technological Solutions for Social Problems of Computers (Winter 2017, Fall 2019)