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The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Group conducts research in many areas of artificial intelligence. The group has active interests in: models of intelligent interaction, multi-agent systems, natural language understanding, constraint programming, computational vision, robotics, machine learning, and reasoning under uncertainty.


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  1. Apr. 26, 2018Master's Thesis Presentation: Exploring New Forms of Random Projections for Prediction and Dimensionality Reduction in Big-Data Regimes

    Speaker: Amir-Hossein Karimi, Master’s candidate

    The story of this work is dimensionality reduction. Dimensionality reduction is a method that takes as input a point-set P of n points in \(R^d\) where d is typically large and attempts to find a lower-dimensional representation of that dataset, in order to ease the burden of processing for down-stream algorithms. In today’s landscape of machine learning, researchers and practitioners work with datasets that either have a very large number of samples and/or include high-dimensional samples. Therefore, dimensionality reduction is applied as a pre-processing technique primarily to overcome the curse of dimensionality.

  2. May 3, 2018PhD Seminar: Learning Filters for the 2D Wavelet Transform

    Speaker: Daniel Recoskie, PhD candidate

    We propose a new method for learning filters for the 2D discrete wavelet transform. We extend our previous work on the 1D wavelet transform in order to process images. We show that the 2D wavelet transform can be represented as a modified convolutional neural network (CNN). Doing so allows us to learn wavelet filters from data by gradient descent. Our learned wavelets are similar to traditional wavelets which are typically derived using Fourier methods.

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