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The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Group conducts research in many areas of artificial intelligence. The group has active interests in: models of intelligent interaction, multi-agent systems, natural language understanding, constraint programming, computational vision, robotics, machine learning, and reasoning under uncertainty.


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  1. Apr. 20, 2018Master's Thesis Presentation: An Experimental Analysis of Multi-Perspective Convolutional Neural Networks

    Speaker: Zhucheng Tu, Master's Candidate

    Modelling the similarity of two sentences is an important problem in natural language processing and information retrieval, with applications in tasks such as paraphrase identification and answer selection in question answering. The Multi-Perspective Convolutional Neural Network (MP-CNN) is a model that improved previous state-of-the-art models in 2015 and has remained a popular model for sentence similarity tasks. However, until now, there has not been a rigorous study of how the model actually achieves competitive accuracy. 

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