Multi-Agent Systems Reading Group

Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence/Multiagent Systems group. This group is intended to facilitate collaboration between students involved and interested in multiagent systems. We meet weekly to discuss the latest research in the areas of multiagent systems and algorithmic economics.

Meeting Schedule

Meeting sessions are weekly on Tuesdays, 12pm to 1pm.

Sessions alternate between a paper reading group and informal research presentations.

Location: AI Lab seminar room, Davis Center

Topics of Interest 

  • Algorithmic Game Theory
  • Mechanism Design
  • Multiagent Resource Allocation
  • [Automated, Online] Mechanism Design [With or Without Money]
  • Auction Theory
  • Decentralized Markov Decision Processes
  • Multiagent Learning
  • Preference Modeling
  • Fair Division
  • Social Welfare
  • Social Choice / Voting Theory
  • Negotiation Protocols
  • Argumentation
  • Prediction Markets

The group page is maintained by Ben Armstrong.

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