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University Research Chairs

The University of Waterloo owes much of its reputation and stature to the quality of its professors and their scholarly accomplishments. University of Waterloo recognizes exceptional achievement and pre-eminence in a particular field of knowledge through the designation 'University Research Chair' - a title which may be held for up to seven years, with the possibility of a re-nomination. A faculty member with this title will receive either a teaching reduction of one course per year or an annual stipend of $10,000, which will be allocated to the Department/School if teaching reduction is chosen. The University Research Chair title and benefits will be relinquished if a Canada Research Chair or other major research chair is awarded.

It is anticipated that there will be a limited number of University Research Chairs; at steady state, the intention is to make at most five appointments each year. The number of appointments will be reviewed annually by the Vice-President Academic & Provost in consultation with Deans' Council and the program will be reviewed after an initial period of five to ten years.

Selection pr​​ocess

  1. A faculty Dean may forward one [Applied Health Sciences, Environmental Studies] or two [Arts, Engineering, Mathematics, Science] nominations of CRC-eligible faculty members per calendar year to the Vice-President Academic & Provost, who will make the final decision.
  2. A nomination must be accompanied by a curriculum vitae and a short, non-technical description of the nominee's scholarly contributions, together with any other documentation the Dean considers necessary to make a compelling case. The Vice-President Academic & Provost will consult with the President of the Faculty Association before announcing such appointments.

Current University Research Chairs at the University of Waterloo

Name Department
Year awarded
Chris Bauch Applied Mathematics 2013
Jason Bell Pure Mathematics 2013
Jeff Chen Physics & Astronomy 2016
Pu Chen Chemical Engineering 2015
Duane Cronin Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering 2016
Claude Duguay Geography & Environmental Management 2015
Xianshe Feng Chemical Engineering 2016
James Geelen Combinatorics & Optimization 2014
Ian Goldberg School of Computer Science 2012
Guang Gong Electrical & Computer Engineering 2017
Elizabeth Irving School of Optometry & Vision Science 2012
Shesha Jayaram Electrical & Computer Engineering 2012
Lyndon Jones School of Optometry & Vision Science 2012
Lila Kari School of Computer Science 2015
Fakhreddine Karray Electrical & Computer Engineering 2011
Achim Kempf Applied Mathematics 2014
Alice Kuzniar Germanic & Slavic Studies 2017
Debbie Leung Combinatorics & Optimization 2015
Xianguo Li Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering 2014
Juewen Liu Chemistry 2017
John Long Electrical & Computer Engineering 2015
Qing-Bin Lu Physics & Astronomy 2014
Mark Matsen Chemical Engineering 2014
Colleen Maxwell School of Pharmacy 2017
Ravi Mazumdar Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013
Bill McIlroy Kinesiology 2011
Brian McNamara Physics & Astronomy 2015
Michele Mosca Combinatorics & Optimization 2012
Marcel O'Gorman English Language & Literature 2017
Daniel Scott Geography & Environmental Management 2014
Sivabal Sivaloganathan Applied Mathematics 2011
Heidi Swanson Biology 2015
Michael Tam Chemical Engineering 2011
Ehsan Toyserkani Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering 2015
Zhou Wang Electrical & Computer Engineering 2017
Grace Yi Statistics & Actuarial Science 2011
Norman Zhou Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering 2013

Past University Research Chairs at the University of Waterloo

Name Department
Year awarded
Carole Bernard Statistics & Actuarial Science 2009
Melanie Campbell Physics & Astronomy 2004
Timothy Chan School of Computer Science 2005
Thomas Coleman Combinatorics & Optimization 2010
Richard Culham Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering 2010
Bill Cunningham Combinatorics & Optimization 2004
Robert de Loe Environment & Resource Studies 2008
John English History 2005
James Forrest Physics & Astronomy 2010
John Holmes Psychology 2004
Peter Huck Civil Engineering 2003
Richard Hughson Kinesiology 2004
Mohamed Kamel Electrical & Computer Engineering 2008
Ellsworth LeDrew Geography 2004
Bin Ma School of Computer Science 2008
Ravi Mazumdar Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005
Brian McNamara Physics & Astronomy 2008
Elizabeth Meiering Chemistry 2005
Wendy Mitchinson History 2004-2006
Flora Ng Chemical Engineering 2006
Richard Oakley Chemistry 2010
Tamer Ozsu School of Computer Science 2004
Catherine Rosenberg Electrical & Computer Engineering 2004
Pierre-Nicholas Roy Chemistry 2008
Manoj Sachdev Electrical & Computer Engineering 2008
Magdy Salama Electrical & Computer Engineering 2004
Sherry Schiff Earth Sciences 2007
Sherman Shen Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007
Joao Soares Chemical Engineering 2012
Doug Stinson School of Computer Science 2005
Ken Seng Tan Statistics & Actuarial Science 2010
Paul Thagard Philosophy 2005
Stephen Vavasis Combinatorics & Optimization 2006
Matt Vijayan Biology 2004
Frances Westley School of Environment, Enterprise & Development 2007
Tony Wirjanto School of Accounting & Finance 2009