Professor, University Research Chair and Director, Master of Climate Change Program (On Leave)

EV1-113, ext. 45497

My current research program focuses on the human dimensions of global environmental change, climate and society, and sustainable tourism.

Key Areas of Graduate Supervision
Climate change and tourism/recreation, sustainable tourism, climate change impacts and adaptation, climate change and protected areas management.

Recent Courses Taught

GEMCC620: Climate and Society
GEOG208: Human Dimensions of Climate Change
GEOG423/TOUR 601/LED-GEOG 671:Tourism Lecture Series

Research Interests
My research interests are in the interface of global change (environmental, demographic, economic) and sustainable tourism.  A particular focus has been on two-way interactions of climate change and tourism, understanding the implications of a changing climate and climate sensitive environmental systems for tourism at the tourist, operator, destination and tourism region scales, as well as the contribution the global tourism sector makes to climate change through greenhouse gas emissions and land use change.  This research also examines government and business climate change mitigation and adaptation policy and planning, as well as consumer responses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while on holiday.  Other research interests include the use of forecasts and scenarios in tourism planning and climate change and protected areas management.

Recent Publications

  • Gössling, S., Scott, D., Hall, C.M. (2015) Inter-market variability in CO2 emission-intensity in tourism: Insights for energy policy and carbon management. Tourism Management. 46 (1), 203-212.
  • Hall, C.M., Amelung ,B, , Cohen, S., Eijgelaar, E., Gössling, G., Higham,  J., Leemans, R.,  Peeters, P., Ram, Y., Scott, D. (2014) On climate change denial in tourism. Journal of Sustainable Tourism.
  • Rutty, M., Scott, D. (2014) Examining the Thermal Range of Coastal Tourism Microclimates. Tourism Geographies. DOI:10.1080/14616688.2014.932833
  • Buckley, R., Scott, D., Weaver, D., Becken, S. (2014-in press) Tourism Megatrends. Tourism Recreation Research.
  • Scott, D., Steiger, R., Rutty, M., Johnson, P. (2014) The Future of the Olympic Winter Games in an Era of Climate Change. Current Issues in Tourism.
  • Rutty, M., Scott, D., Steiger, R., Johnson, P. (2014) Weather Risk Management at the Olympic Winter Games. Current Issues in Tourism.
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  • Cross, M.S., E.S. Zavaleta, D. Bachelet, M.L. Brooks, C.A.F. Enquist, E. Fleishman, L. Graumlich, C.R. Groves, L. Hannah, L. Hansen, G. Hayward, M. Koopman, J.J. Lawler, J. Nordgren, B. Petersen, D. Scott, S.L. Shafer, M.R. Shaw, G.M. Tabor (2012) The Adaptation for Conservation Targets (ACT) framework: A tool for incorporating climate change into natural resource management. Environmental Management, 50 (3), 341-51.
  • Gössling, S., Scott, D. (2012) Scenario Planning for Sustainable Tourism: An Introduction. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 20 (6), 773-778.
University of Waterloo

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