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Hamidreza Jahedmotlagh

Professor, Assoc Chair Grad Studies

Contact InformationHamidreza Jahedmotlagh

Phone: 519-888-4567 x37826,519-888-4567 x31406
Location: E2 2354G,E5 3047,E5 3029
Fax: +1 519-885-5862


Biography Summary

Hamid Jahed is a Professor in the Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Department. He is also the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies and Director of the Fatigue and Stress Analysis Laboratory at the University of Waterloo.

Professor Jahed’s research interests lie in the mutiscale characterization, modelling, and life enhancement of lightweight materials under cyclic loading, and the development of robust methods in cyclic plasticity analysis. His research is funded by different funding agencies including NSERC, NSERC APC, CFI, ORF, IAMI, AUTO21.

Work in the Fatigue and Stress Analysis Laboratory focuses on fatigue and fracture properties of materials and weldments under uniaxial and multi-axial loads, development of cyclic plasticity and life prediction models for anisotropic materials, residual stress formations and measurements, and cold spray coating technology. Other areas of work include the study and development of robust and efficient methods for durability analysis and their applications to Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) design.

Professor Jahed has received a number of awards including Faculty of Engineering and Sandford Fleming Foundation Teaching Excellence Award, and Engineering Research Excellence Award.

Research Interests

  • Fatigue Of Lightweight Materials
  • Fatigue Of Magnesium Alloys
  • Fatigue Of Similar And Dissimilar Joints
  • Low Cycle Fatigue
  • Cyclic Plasticity
  • Variable Material Property Method
  • Notch Analysis
  • Residual Stress Measurements And Predictions
  • Cold Spray Coating
  • Corrosion Fatigue
  • Finite Deformation
  • Large Deformation FEA
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace


  • 1997, Doctorate, Mechanical Engineering, University of Waterloo
  • 1982, Master's, Mechanical Engineering, University of Houston
  • 1981, Bachelor's, Mechanical Engineering, University of Houston


  • MTE 219 - Mechanics of Deformable Solids

Selected/Recent Publications

  • Marzbanrad, B and Toyserkani, E and Jahed, H, Cyclic hysteresis of AZ31B extrusion under load-control tests using embedded sensor technology, Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures, 2016
  • Marzbanrad, Bahareh and Jahed, Hamid and Toyserkani, Ehsan, On the sensitivity and repeatability of fiber Bragg grating sensors used in strain and material degradation measurement of magnesium alloys under cyclic loads, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2016, 1 - 9
  • Roostaei, Ali A and Jahed, Hamid, Role of loading direction on cyclic behaviour characteristics of AM30 extrusion and its fatigue damage modelling, Materials Science and Engineering: A, 670, 2016, 26 - 40
  • Khayamian, Mohammad Ali and Behravesh, Behzad and Jahed, Hamid, Incorporation of asymmetric yield and hardening behaviour in axisymmetric elastoplastic problems, Materials & Design, 99, 2016, 490 - 499
  • Ghovanlou, Morvarid K and Jahed, Hamid and Khajepour, Amir, Cohesive zone modeling of fatigue crack growth in brazed joints, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 120, 2014, 43 - 59
  • Jahed, H and Albinmousa, J, Multiaxial behaviour of wrought magnesium alloys--A review and suitability of energy-based fatigue life model, Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics, 73, 2014, 97 - 108
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  • Kalatehmollaei, E and Mahmoudi-Asl, H and Jahed, H, An asymmetric elastic--plastic analysis of the load-controlled rotating bending test and its application in the fatigue life estimation of wrought magnesium AZ31B, International Journal of Fatigue, 64, 2014, 33 - 41
  • Shayegan, G and Mahmoudi, H and Ghelichi, R and Villafuerte, J and Wang, J and Guagliano, M and Jahed, H, Residual stress induced by cold spray coating of magnesium AZ31B extrusion, Materials & Design, 60, 2014, 72 - 84
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  • Eshraghi, Amin and Papoulia, Katerina D and Jahed, Hamid, Eulerian Framework for Inelasticity Based on the Jaumann Rate and a Hyperelastic Constitutive Relation—Part I: Rate-Form Hyperelasticity, Journal of Applied Mechanics, 80(2), 2013
  • Eshraghi, Amin and Jahed, Hamid and Papoulia, Katerina D, Eulerian Framework for Inelasticity Based on the Jaumann Rate and a Hyperelastic Constitutive Relation—Part II: Finite Strain Elastoplasticity, Journal of Applied Mechanics, 80(2), 2013
  • Ghovanlou, Morvarid K and Jahed, Hamid and Khajepour, Amir, Cohesive zone modeling of ductile tearing process in brazed joints, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 102, 2013, 156 - 170
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  • Noban, M and Jahed, H and Varvani-Farahani, A, The choice of cyclic plasticity models in fatigue life assessment of 304 and 1045 steel alloys based on the critical plane-energy fatigue damage approach, International Journal of Fatigue, 43, 2012, 217 - 225
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