Safety Procedures Documents

Emergency Procedures

First Aid

First aid emergency procedures

 The poster with UWaterloo's first aid emergency procedures can be viewed and downloaded here. More information on first aid procedures and training can be found in the Safety Office.

First aid station information:

Additional first aid kits may also be located in your work area (e.g., labs, vehicles, shops). For more information, visit the First aid kits and stations page.

MME first aiders can be found on the Important Safety Contacts page.

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Fire and evacuation procedures are outlined on the emergency procedure poster located throughout campus in locations such as:

  • Health and safety bulletin boards
  • Near campus phones and room exits
  • Labs and classrooms

Following is the fire/evacuation reporting form.

Title Description Type
Fire evacuation report Fire evacuation reporting form for scheduled fire drills and emergency fire alarms, to be submitted to the Safety Office. PDF

More information on fire safety, fire prevention procedures, and student residence building procedures, can be found in the Safety Office.

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Emergency Lockdown

Emergency lockdown procedures are outlined in the UWaterloo lockdown poster located throughout campus.

Emergency procedures in case of a violent situation on campus are outlined in the emergency procedure poster.

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Hazardous Material Spills

Procedures for spills involving biological, chemical, and radioactive materials are outlined on the hazardous material spills poster.

More information on hazardous materials spills, waste disposal, and spill kits, can be found in the Safety Office.

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