WATiMake Safety Policy

Eugene Li

WATiMake is a potentially hazardous environment. Due to the diverse nature of work done in WATiMake and the dynamic properties of the materials used, safety guidelines cannot cover every eventuality. As such, it is extremely important that all safety advice and instructions from the MME Clinic team be followed. However, each user is ultimately responsible for their own safety.

If you are ever unsure of anything in the space or something you would like to try, please ask. We are here to help. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Additionally, you also have the same responsibility with regards to altered states of mind caused, for example, by sleep deprivation, stress, or medications. The MME Clinic team cannot judge for you if you are too tired, distracted, or confused to be working. You must make your own call on whether you are able to work safely. No deadline is important enough to risk the health and safety of yourself or someone else.

Visitors and Guests

All persons who have successfully completed MAKE 001: Intro to WATiMake and maintain good standing are considered authorized users of WATiMake. No unauthorized persons shall use WATiMake.

Users may accompany guests and visitors. Users are responsible for their guests or visitors. Guests and visitors are not permitted to use any equipment or tools.


The primary responsibility of staff in WATiMake is to monitor the safety of users, visitors, and guests. The number of people permitted in WATiMake is dependent on activities and projects in progress, and how many supervisors are present. How many people an individual supervisor can effectively monitor is affected by many factors and will be dependent upon conditions. It is left to each supervisor’s discretion how many users they can effectively monitor.

To determine a safe number of users at any time, the supervisor will consider the project size, the skill levels of the students, and other relevant factors. If the supervisor observes that there are an excessive number of students in WATiMake, they maintain the right to ask that an appropriate number of students volunteer to leave the space until occupancy returns to more manageable levels.

WATiMake occupancy is limited to at most 60 users at any given time. Application of this policy will be left to the discretion of the MME Clinic team. Resolution of any disputes regarding the application of this policy shall be the responsibility of the MME Clinic Coordinator. Please consider these occupancy limits when assigning projects and deadlines. Notify the MME Clinic Coordinator of expected heavy use of the space so that adequate staff can be scheduled. If WATiMake occupancy is expected to exceed 60 users as a result of your activity, you should make arrangements for additional supervisors to be scheduled at least 1 week prior to the day of the activity.

Safety Orientation

All WATiMake users must:

Those who have not completed the above will not be granted access to WATiMake facilities.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In WATiMake, closed-toed shoes must be worn at all times.

You are expected to use appropriate PPE for your activity or work, with consideration of the activities or work that others are performing around you. The following PPE is available for your use:

  • Safety glasses and goggles
  • Dust masks
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Work gloves
  • Apron or labcoat


Always keep your work area organized to avoid creating safety hazards for yourself or others. Clean up after yourself including your workstation and any equipment you have used. Help keep our space clean and organized. If you see something left behind, please put it away or clean it up.

Do not eat or drink in WATiMake.

First Aid Kits

In case of injuries, there is 1 first aid kit located in DWE 3509. Any injuries or incidents must be reported to a member of the MME Clinic team. University of Waterloo Safety Office First Aid Procedures must be followed.

Fire Extinguishers

In case of fire, a fire cabinet is located in the hallway outside DWE 3509. There is 1 fire extinguisher located in DWE 3509 for use with the laser cutter only. Any incidents must be reported to a member of the MME Clinic team. University of Waterloo Safety Office Fire Safety Procedures must be followed.