WATiMake User Policy

Student looking at 3D printed object in lab

WATiMake is a shared space for all MME undergraduate students. Please abide by these rules in the interests of all users.


1. Be Safe

Safety is the prime concern in the operation of WATiMake for all users and staff.

Be aware of your surroundings. Work safely. Do not endanger yourself or others around you through your actions or inactions. All applicable environmental and safety standards are to be observed.

2. Be Respectful

Respect the people. Respect the tools. Respect the space.

Be aware of your surroundings. Treat people in WATiMake as you would your co-workers. Be sensitive, respectful, and inclusive in your interactions with others.

Treat WATiMake as you would your own workplace. It is your space, but it is also a space for everyone. Please clean up after yourself, put away tools, and maintain a space that others can work in as well.

If you are not sure about something or have questions about materials, equipment, resources, or anything else, please ask the MME Clinic team. We are here to help.

3. Think Outside the Box

What if...? How could your idea be different? What else could it look like?

Innovate. Try something new. Try lots of ideas, approaches, and projects. When they fail, change those ideas. Fail fast and fail often. Most importantly, come back and try something new!

Feel free to seek guidance from the MME Clinic team. Respect the guidance we offer. If we advise against a part of your design or something you want to try, it is for a good reason.

WATiMake Orientation & Training

Our safety orientation and equipment training modules are located online on our LEARN course. Self-register for the WATiMake Orientation & Training course to start your training. By successfully completing these training modules, you will gain open access to the WATiMake space and our equipment. Each type of equipment has a different set of training modules that must be completed in order for you to access to it.

Training modules are constantly under development, so be sure to look over modules you have completed to refresh your memory and to learn about any changes to equipment or procedures.


MakeTags have 2 purposes:

  • Let other WATiMake users know that you are still using a piece of equipment.
  • Record the materials you used.

All users are expected to fill out a MakeTag each time WATiMake equipment is used.


The cost to use WATiMake equipment is the cost of any materials used. Material costs are posted on the WATiMake Equipment webpage. Only WatCard payments will be accepted for materials used.