The flora of Manitoulin Island (third edition)

J.K. Morton and Joan M. VennĀ  (2000), Illustrated by the late Donald R. Gunn, University of Waterloo Biology series No. 40

Manitoulin Island and the many smaller islands in the surrounding waters of Georgian Bay, Lake Huron and the North Channel, in the Great Lakes Region of Canada, is an area of unique biological interest with a remarkably rich flora (about 3 of the total vascular flora of Canada). It has been a crossroads and meeting point in plant migrations since the last glacial period and this makes its flora one of unusual biogeographical interest.

The Flora contains an account of the distribution, abundance and phenology of each of the 1350 kinds of vascular plants known from the region. Extensive taxonomic and nomenclatural notes are included for many of the species which present particular problems in the region, and in several of the larger and more difficult groups keys are provided to facilitate identification. A full bibliography refers the reader to the recent literature relating to each species.

Computer drawn distribution maps are provided for each species. These were drawn from a data base of over 66,000 records from the region. The extensive field work and the resulting data base makes Manitoulin Island one of the most thoroughly studied and documented floras in Canada and will provide a base line against which future changes in the flora can be assessed in an area which is under increasing pressure for development from a variety of sources.

Introductory chapters deal with the geology, climate, post-glacial history, vegetation, conservation and history of botanical exploration in the region. The Flora includes 124 coloured illustrations. These are high quality close-up photographs of some of the more interesting and beautiful plants of the region. Most were taken by the late Dr. Donald Gunn who is well known for the excellence of his photographs.

In this edition the text and the maps have been completely revised, whilst the coloured plates are the same as those in the 2nd edition. This Flora will be of interest to the many botanists and naturalists who visit the Manitoulin region each year and should also be a useful reference volume for all who study the flora of Ontario and eastern North America.

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