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Welcome to John C. Semple's web site on asters, goldenasters, goldenrods and related genera!

The site summarizes five decades of research done by JCS, his graduate students, and a small army of enthusiastic undergraduate volunteers and senior honours project students at the University of Waterloo.

JCS is responsible for all taxonomic decisions presented on this site.

Nearly all images were taken by JCS in the field, herbarium or lab either originally on slide film and since 2001 using digital cameras.  Images contributed by other individuals are gratefully acknowledged.

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John C. Semple

John C. Semple

Professor Emeritus and Adjunct Professor

Bachelor of Science (BSc cum laude), 1969, Tufts, Master of Arts (MA) 1971, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), 1972, Washington University St. Louis

                                          Nahanni N.P.R., NT, Canada, Aug 2003