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The U.W. Biology Series is no longer active and no longer deals with sales and distribution

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A series of monographs on selected topics in field-oriented biology with emphasis on the province of Ontario, Canada. Individual numbers in the series were usually prepared by University of Waterloo-Department of Biology faculty and/or their students and by research associates in the department. Published by the Department of Biology on an irregular basis as new monographs were completed during the 1970-2002. The series is now dormant and all copies of back issues were transfered to the U. Waterloo Bookstore and most have been sold out. Asters of Ontario and Goldenrods of Ontario are no longer available -  J.C. Semple, the last Editor of the Biology Series.


Fresh Water Ostracoda of Ontario. P.N. Nuttall & C.H. Fernando.

Planktonic Rotifera of Ontario R. Chengalath, C.H. Fernando & M.G. George.

A Guide to the Freshwater Calanoid and Cyclopoid Copepod Crustacea of Ontario. (1978) Kristin Smith & C.H. Fernando. No.18

An Illustrated Key to the Freshwater Ostracod Genera of the Oriental Region. (1981) Reginald Victor & C.H. Fernando; No.23;

Freshwater Ostracods of India. (1979) Reginald Victor & C.H. Fernando.

V.A. Meien's Fish Culture in Rice Fields. (1993) C.H. Fernando.

Bibliography of References to Rice Field Aquatic Fauna. (1993) C.H. Fernando;

Rare Breeding Birds of Ontario. (1982) Paul F.J. Eagles & John D. McCauley.

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Atlas of Pollen of Trees & Shrubs of E Canada & adj USA: I. (1972) R.J. Adams & J.K. Morton.

Atlas of Pollen of Trees & Shrubs of E Canada & adj USA: III. (1976) R.J. Adams & J.K. Morton; No.10

Atlas of Pollen of Trees & Shrubs of E Canada & adj USA: IV. (1979) R.J. Adams & J.K. Morton. No.11

The Flora of Manitoulin Island - 3rd ed. (2000) J.K. Morton & Joan M. Venn. No. 40; 390 pp including distribution maps and coloured illustrations

A Revision of the Goldenaster Genus Pityopsis Nutt. (1985) John C. Semple & F.D. Bowers. No.29

A Revision of Heterotheca sect. Phyllotheca (Nutt.) Harms: The Prairie and Montane Goldenasters of North America. (1996) John C. Semple. No.37

Cultivated and Native Asters of Ontario (Compositae: Astereae): Aster L. (including Asteromoea Blume, Diplactis Raf. and Kalimeris (Cass.) Cass.), Callistephus Cass., Galatella Cass., Doellingeria Nees, Oclemena E.L. Greene, Eurybia (Cass.) S.F. Gray, Canadanthus Nesom, and Symphyotrichum Nees (including Virgulus Raf.). (2002) John C. Semple, Stephen B. Heard and Luc Brouillet.  No. 41

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Icones genera coelomycetarum I. (revised edition 1981) G. Morgan-Jones, T.R. Nag Raj & Bryce Kendrick. No.3

Icones genera coelomycetarum II. (revised edition 1986) G. Morgan-Jones, T.R. Nag Raj & Bryce Kendrick. No.4

Icones genera coelomycetarum III. (revised edition 1986) G. Morgan-Jones & Bryce Kendrick. No.5

Icones genera coelomycetarum IV. (revised edition 1986) G. Morgan-Jones, T.R. Nag Raj & Bryce Kendrick. No.6

Icones genera coelomycetarum V. (revised edition 1986) G. Morgan-Jones, T.R. Nag Raj & Bryce Kendrick. No.7

Icones genera coelomycetarum VI. (1974) T.R. Nag Raj. No.13

Icones genera coelomycetarum VII. (1974) G. Morgan-Jones. No.14

Icones genera coelomycetarum VIII. (1977) T.R. Nag Raj. No.16

Icones genera coelomycetarum IX (1977) G. Morgan-Jones. No.17

Icones genera coelomycetarum X. (1978) T.R. Nag Raj & F. DiCosmo. No.19

Icones genera coelomycetarum XI. (1980) T.R. Nag Raj. No.21

Icones genera coelomycetarum XII. (1981) T.R. Nag Raj. No.22 41

Icones genera coelomycetarum XIII. (1982) T.R. Nag Raj. No.25

Synoptic Key to Icones I-XI. (1979) J. Michaelides, L. Hunter, Bryce Kendrick & T.R. Nag Raj.

A Key to Hyphomycetes on Dung. (1983) Keith Seifert, Bryce Kendrick & Gracia Murase. No.27

Conidial Fungi from Cuba: I. (1990) R.F. Castaneda Ruiz & Bryce Kendrick. No.32

Conidial Fungi from Cuba: II. (1990) R.F. Castaneda Ruiz & Bryce Kendrick No.33

99 Conidial Fungi from Cuba & 3 from Canada. (1992) R.F. Castaneda Ruiz & Bryce Kendrick. No.35

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