Doellingeria (Eucephalus) ledophylla

Cascade Aster

Doellingeria ledophylla (A. Gray) Semple, Brouillet & G.A. Allen is native to meadows and open coniferous woods in the Cascade Mts. of Washington, Oregon and northern California (Allen 2006 FNA; Allen 2019).  The species is distinguished by its scabrous to short scabrous or cottony and/or glandular-pubescent (especially peduncles) stems and its 5-21+ violet to purple rays.  The species is diploid 2n=18.

Two varieties are recognized by Allen (2006 FNA; 2019) distinguished on peduncles hair traits and numbers of ray florets:

  • var. ledophylla (peduncles glandular or not, at least ± woolly or cottony; rays usually 13 or 21)
  • var. covillei (peduncles glandular, not cottony; rays usually 5 or 8)