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Bradburia hirtella

Bradburia hirtella Torr. & A. Gray is native to Texas and Louisiana.  It includes herbaceous annuals over most of the limited range and very rarely perennials known from the southern most population.  The species is distinquished by it staminate disc florets (ovary sterile) and pistillate and fertile ray florets (Semple 2006 FNA).  The pappus of the disc florets is very irregular (Semple 2006).

Chrysopsis texana G. L. Nesom is a synonym.

Bradburia hirtella, leaf morphology and anatomy, revised Fig 7-11, Semple & Chinnappa 1984

Semple & Chinnappa (1984) experimentally produced an F1 hybrid with 2n=7 from the common 2n=6 race and the rare 2n=8 race of B. hirtella.