West Coast or Cascade Canada Coldenrod

Solidago elongata Nutt. is native to the Cascades and Coastal Ranges from southwestern British Columbia to the mountains of California.  It is distinguished in subsect. Triplinervae by its non-glandular, often elongated club-shaped inflorescence (2–3(–5) times as long as wide) with ascending branches; (Semple & Cook 2006 FNA); short club-shaped and secund tipped inflorescences sometimes develop.  It occurs in sandy, gravelly soils of coastal headlands, thickets, open woods, meadows, and streams and creeks banks. The species can be similar to S. lepida var. lepida, which is usually much more glandular on inflorescence parts.

Fernald (1915) incorrectly applied a combination S. lepida var. elongata (Nutt.) Fern. to plants from Quebec and Newfound which belong in S. brendiae Semple (2013).

It is diploid throughout its range with a few scattered tetraploids reported. Fernald (1915) thought the species was disjunct in eastern Canada, but this is not the case; the eastern plants belong in S. lepida.

Solidago elongata range Semple draft