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Symphyotrichum porteri (A. Gray) Nesom, Phytologia 77: 289. 1994. Aster porteri A. Gray, Proc. Amer. Acad. 14: 99. 1880. Renaming of Aster ericoides L. var. strictus Porter necessitated by change to species status.

Aster ericoides L. var. strictus Porter in Porter & Coulter, Synops. Fl. Colorado, 56. 1874. SYNTYPES: U.S.A. COLORADO. "In mountains at middle elevations," 1862, Hall & Harbour 254 (LT [Jones 1986]: GH!; ILTs: G, K, P(2)). "Near Denver," Coulter s.n." "Foothills west of Denver, Porter s.n. Colorado Territory, 1873, Meehan s.n. (GH!, on sheet with lectotype). Hoopes s.n. (not seen). Authentic specimen: Colorado Territory, Clear Creek, 1862, Parry 418(G, GH! on sheet with lectotype, K, P)

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Heterotheca fulcrata (E.L. Greene) Shinners, Field & Lab.29: 71. 1951. Chrysopsis fulcrataGreene, Bull. Torr. Bot. Club.25: 119. 1898. SYNTYPES: U.S.A. NEW MEXICO. Dona Ana Co.: Organ Mts., Wooton 510 (Lectotype: NDG 053814!; isolectotypes: MIN!, NY!, US!). Lincoln Co.: White Mountains, 6300 ft, near Cherokee Bill's Spring, 21 Aug 1897, Wooton 511("Lectoparatype": NDG-053811!; "isolecto-paratypes": NY!, US!); Wooten 512("Lectoparatype": NDG-053815!; "isolectoparatypes": NY!, US!). Harms (1968) noted that Wooton and Standley (1913, 1915) considered Wooton 510 from the Organ Mts. as the lectotype. Shinners (1951) designated Wooton 511 (NDG) as "LECTOTYPE."

Heterotheca fulcrata (E.L. Greene) Shinners var. fulcrata

Chrysopsis cryptocephala Woot. & Standl., Contrib. U.S. Nat. Herb. 16: 179. 1913. TYPE: U.S.A. NEW MEXICO. sect. 23 of V Pasture, White Mts., 23 Jul 1905, Wooton s.n. (Holotype: US-563739!)

Chrysopsis resinolens A. Nels., Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 28: 232. 1901. TYPE: U.S.A. WYOMING. Albany Co., open slopes in the foothills of Laramie Peak, 13 Jul 1900, Nelson 7583 (Holotype: RM!; isotypes: RM ex Osterhout!, GH!, MIN!, NY!(2), US!)

Chrysopsis resinolens var. ciliata A.Nels., Bull. Torr. Bot. Club.28: 233. 1901. Chrysopsis viscida ciliata (A.Nels.) Blake in Tidestrom, Contrib. U.S. Nat. Herb. 25: 537. 1925. TYPE: U.S.A. WYOMING. Albany Co., on sandy river banks, Dunn's Ranch, 16 Jul 1900, Nelson 7560 (Holotype: RM!; isotypes: NY!, US!)

Chrysopsis elata Osterhout., Bull. Torr. Bot. Club 57: 560. 1931. TYPE: U.S.A. COLORADO. Eagle Co., Red Cliff, 16 Aug 1906, Osterhout 3359 [in error 3335] (Holotype: RM!; isotype: NY!)

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Solidago [sect. Unilaterales] subsect. Nemorales (Mackenzie) Nesom, Phytologia 75: 8. 1993. Solidago (sp.-group) Nemorales Mackenzie in Small, Man. SE. Fl. 1345, 1348. 1933. TYPE: S. nemoralis Ait. [Species included by Mack.: S. nemoralis Ait., S. gattingeri, S. pinetorum, S. radula]

Solidago (sp.-group) Nemorales Rydb., Fl. Praires & Plains. 792. 1932. TYPE: S. nemoralis Ait.

Solidago (sp.-group) Radulae Rydb., Fl. Rocky Mts. 869. 1917. TYPE: S. garrettii Rydb. = ? S. sparsiflora A. Gray [Rydb. (1917) does not cite S. radula Nutt.]

Solidago (sp.-group) Incanae Rydb., Fl. Rocky Mts. 868. 1917. LECTOTYPE [Semple, in ed.]: S. mollis Bartl. [S. nemoralis incana A. Gray cited in syn. CHECK S. incana Torr. & Gray] [Species included: S. nana Nutt., S. niveaRydb., S. pulcherrima A. Nels., S. radulina Rydb., S. trinervata Greene, S. mollis Bartl.]