Welcome to Automated Laser Fabrication Laboratory

Automated Laser Fabrication (ALFa) laboratory combines advances in laser technology, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), material science, automation and control to offer a unique applied research opportunity in the field of material processing.  The research program at ALFa continues to strengthen the traditional technical capabilities and expand them into exciting new areas, up-keeping the cutting edge.


  • Conduct applied research in laser possessing and new materials to continue a premier source of innovation, creativity and expertise
  • Provide a world class facility, stimulating and friendly environment for education and industrial training for a rewarding career in interdisciplinary engineering fields
  • Develop and encourage collaborative industrial research, forming a forum for innovations and technology transfer

ALFa’s outreach to the community is expanding rapidly, with special emphasis on technology transfer to the private sector by promoting the development of high-tech spin-off companies in order to maximize its contribution to the economic growth of Canada. Process development and technology transfer strategies also include marketing studies, scale-ups and cost optimization.