About Automated Laser Fabrication Laboratory

Automated Laser Fabrication (ALFa) is a step towards Feature based design and manufacturing. It is the extension of the laser cladding process to create three dimensional parts directly from their computer-aided design (CAD) models and desired powder materials.

Salient feature of Automated Laser Fabrication:

  • Real time closed loop control of the material deposition process
  • Near net shaping of 3D components
  • Repairing or rebuilding of worn surfaces/engineering parts/tools
  • Selective deposition of different material with matching chemistry
  • Controlled intermetallic dilution due to better process control
  • Good metallurgical bonding at the clad/substrate interface
  • Low thermal distortion/ low residual stresses due to low heat input
  • Almost no human intervention due to intelligent feedback control
  • Overall short turn around time leading low cost manufacturing