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A diverse group of Waterloo researchers are working on a range of Blockchain academic and industry-driven research projects in a means to further the technical development and innovation of the endless applications of Blockchain.

Current research projects include: consensus protocols, cryptography and security, distributed systems, data mining and machine learning, privacy, scalability and resiliency, smart contracts, blockchains for social good, testing and verification, and applications of blockchain in serverless cloud computing.

The University of Waterloo has been designated Research University of the Year among Canadian comprehensive universities by Research Infosource Inc. for the twelfth consecutive year. Researchers in the Faculty of Engineering are focused on life-changing research with global impact. 

  1. Dec. 4, 2019Cryptography expert to lead blockchain privacy project

    A Waterloo Engineering expert in cryptography will head a collaborative project between the Open Application Network (OAN) and the University of Waterloo to investigate ways of ensuring privacy of open applications on blockchain networks.

  2. Aug. 14, 2019Blockchain could boost trust in EV charging systems

    A professor at Waterloo Engineering has teamed up with computer science colleagues and an industry partner in research on the integration of blockchain technology into energy systems.

    Lukasz Golab, a professor of management sciences, collaborated on a study that could lead to expanded infrastructure for electric vehicles by introducing an open blockchain platform to boost trust in charging systems.

  3. May 2, 2019Waterloo researchers speed up popular blockchain

    Researchers have re-engineered a blockchain used around the world in a variety of industries and sectors to support almost seven times more transactions per second.

    With a new series of optimizations, the researchers increased the volume of data that can be processed by the blockchain, Hyperledger Fabric, from 3,000 to 20,000 transactions per second.

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