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Future Graduate Students

Graduate studies at Waterloo Engineering

Waterloo Engineering is home to an active and growing community of motivated, curious, and passionate problem solvers. Join a group of outstanding faculty and student researchers who shine brightly on the international stage.

Waterloo has granted the most Engineering PhD degrees in Canada over the last five years. As a graduate, you will join a strong network of exceptional alumni, focused on advancing solutions for real-world problems.

We attract a lot of top talent from around the world to work on the exciting research we have at Waterloo Engineering. We're building a really nice hub of researchers and companies.

- Professor Steve Waslander, department of Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering

The Waterloo advantage

  • Work with world-renowned experts in today's latest innovations. Waterloo Engineering has an impressive record of research achievements: 54 of our faculty members are Early Researcher Award recipients.
  • Study, work and collaborate in world–class facilities with the most up–to–date technology.
  • Use your ideas to partner with industry or commercialize a product. You have 100% ownership over your ideas and technology.
  • Connect with industry partners in Waterloo Region - one of Canada's leading technology hubs. Our faculty members have many long-standing relationships with industry players.

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