Gas cylinder management

Important Notice
October 16, 2018

Due to unforeseen events at one supplier and a lack of supply from another, we are currently experiencing a HELIUM SHORTAGE. This includes both gas and liquid Helium.  All existing orders should be considered on hold/”Backordered”.  There is no timeline for delivery of new orders.  This situation is expected to be resolved within 3-4 weeks.  An alternative supplier may have product but for a considerably high cost.  Contact the cylinder order desk for further information.

Central Stores has implemented a consolidated program for the ordering, delivering and pick up of compressed gas cylinders, Dewars and associated materials throughout campus.  The goal of the program is to promote safety and safe handling of cylinders, and to provide a consistent and dedicated order/delivery process for compressed gases.  Benefits of this program include improved inventory control, cost savings via a centralized drop location, reduced surplus of cylinders on campus, and safe delivery to and from end user locations.

All gases will be supplied by Praxair the University’s preferred supplier. Air Liquide has a specific contract for Helium and some specialty gases.  For other vendors (Linde) and specialty mixtures not supplied by either of these companies, please contact us first for a quote.

To order new cylinders, or to schedule a pick-up of used cylinders click on the Gas Cylinder Order Form tab on the left.

Make sure to fill in all required fields for proper billing information and delivery scheduling.

Central Stores will contact you to schedule a delivery time and is NOT responsible for installing or removing any regulators for the requested cylinders.  As well, special arrangements need to be made for clean room deliveries.

For questions regarding the gas cylinders program or with placing an order, please contact the cylinder management team:

Central Stores

ECH 110A

519-888-4567 ext. 39394


Or John Ogg the Gas Cylinder Coordinator directly at ext. 39394,
Cell No. 226-338-3128,

Instructions on how to order gas cylinders

How to order gas cylinders

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