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Steven Waslander looks forward to his drives becoming a lot easier.

“Driving on highways and in cities is dull, time-consuming, and can be very stressful,” says Waslander, director of the Waterloo Autonomous Vehicles Laboratory (WAVELab). “I would be just as happy gazing out the window while the car does the dirty work for me.”

From Waterloo Engineering News.

A state-of-the-art automotive research and testing facility that was five years in the making officially opened at the University of Waterloo today with a twist on the old ship-christening tradition.

From General Motors

While the age of fully-autonomous cars is not yet upon us, the truth is humans have not actually been driving by themselves for years. From anti-lock braking in the 1970s to the advanced driver assist functions of today, cars have been giving drivers a hand, and helping keep them safe, for decades.

Miovision, a Kitchener-based company founded by systems design engineering graduates announced the closing of $30 million CAD in their Series B financing round earlier this week. The investment will help expand the company’s workforce and accelerate their vision of smart cities and cloud-based traffic management technology.

Driverless cars are no longer just being driven in The Jetsons' futuristic utopia. 

Steve Waslander spoke with the CBC's Matt Galloway about how the future is today with the province taking the lead on allowing self-driving cars to be tested on our roads.

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