Estey winners and testimonials

Winning Paper(s)

Year Winning Paper(s)
2013 Financial and Ethical Considerations of Food Taxation (DOCX)
2012 Microfinance in the Modern World (PDF)
2011 Teaching Ethics Under IFRS: Developing Ethical Reasoning Skills in Accounting Students (PDF)
2010 Is A WhistleblowerIncentive Program Right for Canada? (PDF)
2009 The Principal Agent Problem - An examination of the ethics behind the Options Backdating Scandal
2008 Does the current insitution of professional accounting promote an optimal level of auditor ethics? (PDF)

Are Stock Options Ethical? (PDF)

Ethics of Executive Compensation (PDF)

2005 Triple Bottom Line Reporting (PDF)
2004 Earnings Management (PDF)



Professor Chris Burnley, Mike Dillman and Professor Linda Robinson

2011 Estey winner, Mike Dillman (centre), with his faculty sponsor, Professor Chris Burnley, and Professor Linda Robinson

The opportunity to share my ideas, as an undergraduate student, with esteemed members of the accounting profession has been truly rewarding. As a student who has always taken a lot of pride in my writing, I was really interested in how my work would be received by a larger audience. This enthusiastic response has been really fulfilling for me, and it's a great capstone to my undergraduate experience. I would strongly recommend the Estey Competition to any students looking to finish their degree with a splash and introduce themselves to a lot of incredible people. - Mike Dillman, Vancouver Island University


Yuan Wang

2010 Estey winner, Yuan Wang

Professor Linda Robinson and Yuan Wang

2010 Estey winner, Yuan Wang and Professor Linda Robinson

Participating in the Estey Essay competition and attending the Canadian Academic Accounting Association (CAAA) conference were both incredible experiences. It was fascinating to meet and hear professors discuss their ideas and perspectives at the CAAA conference. I still vividly remember the plenary session on “Threshold Concepts” by Professor Gary Poole. I found the process of synthesizing my research and thoughts into a paper challenging. I would like to thank Professor Gunz for encouraging me through this process. I also enjoyed sharing my research with interested faculty members at the CAAA conference and getting their feedback. I would highly encourage other accounting students to take up the challenge of the Estey Essay competition.- Yuan Wang,University of Waterloo
Efemena Igharoro with Professor Sally Gunz

2009 Estey winner, Efemena Igharoro, with Professor Sally Gunz at the CAAA Annual Mtg.

Mike Kuratczyk, Omar Hanif and Professor Sally Gunz

2007 winners, Mike Kuratczyk and Omar Hanif, with Professor Sally Gunz


Jill Bradley and Elizabeth Hicks

2006 Estey winner, Jill Bradley (left), with her professor and mentor, Elizabeth Hicks

Participating in the Estey Competition was one of the most character building experiences of my life. It provided me with an important glimpse into the complex ethical issues facing accountants in our time and with the chance to present my thoughts and findings at a widely respected professional conference. Anyone serious about becoming a professional accountant should most definitely consider the valuable opportunity offered by the University of Waterloo’s Estey Essay Competition. - Jill Bradley, Mount Saint Vincent University graduate

Rob Shirkey with Professor Sally Gunz

2003 Estey winner, Rob Shirkey, with Professor Sally Gunz

Rob Shirkey

Rob Shirkey presenting his research The Numbers Game: In defence of Social Costing



Attention to business ethics is on the rise across the world. The Estey Essay Competition afforded me the opportunity to investigate this area of utmost importance, specifically in the field of accounting. I truly feel that my research helped prepare me for the responsibilities that are now placed on me as a chartered accountant, most importantly being that of maintaining a high degree of professional integrity.

Heather Stanhope, 2004 Estey Winner

Saint Mary’s University graduate

Many accounting students have little exposure to ethical issues specific to their discipline. The Estey Competition gives them an extra incentive to choose this as a topic for their major paper in my advanced accounting class.

Professor Nicola Young, MBA, FCA

Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University

We are proud to have had one of our students be a finalist in the competition. The high calibre of her research, which was a direct result of her participation in the Estey Competition, resulted in this student delivering an outstanding seminar for both faculty and students on her research. Of course, success in this competition also paid significant dividends in terms of recruiting and she has never looked back.

Professor Christopher Burnley

Malaspina University-College