Montcalm - Don’t Talk Back

Professor Jackson is an accounting professor at Montcalm University. He normally gets on very well with his students but, if he doesn’t like a particular student, he can be very frosty. In addition, he can be very inflexible and does not like to be challenged. Armand is a student in the class.

Daphne is also a student in Professor Jackson’s class. She is quite bright and articulate. She has very strong opinions and tends to state them in unequivocal terms. She and Professor Jackson have had several verbal battles in class that have become quite heated. Daphne usually ends the battles by deferring to him because he is the professor. Professor Jackson can be quite nasty when he wants to be, and students feel that he treats Daphne in an inappropriate way in class after one of these verbal clashes.

It is apparent to Armand that his friend Daphne is getting quite discouraged by Professor Jackson’s treatment of her in class. Armand also feels that her grade will be affected since Professor Jackson has a reputation for being vindictive. Armand has talked to Daphne about his concerns; however, she seems to be unable to restrain her natural tendency to be disputatious (she behaves in other classes the way she behaves in Professor Jackson’s class, although the other professors do not treat her the way Professor Jackson does).

What should Armand do in this situation?

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