Montcalm - Grad For Hire

You are a student in Professor Gardiner’s class at Montcalm University. The course you are taking includes include group work which must be handed in. The group work is worth 30 percent of the course grade.

You have become aware that one of the groups in the class is paying a graduate student to prepare their answers to the assignments. The graduate student is more than a resource to this group. Instead, he actually does the assignments, including inputting them into the computer etc., so in fact, the students are doing nothing.

Professor Gardiner has been very fulsome in his praise of this (dishonest) group and the high quality of work they are doing compared to the other students in the class who have done their own work. He has suggested on occasion that the (dishonest) group are setting a very high standard that will be reflected in their marks while the rest of the class will likely get much lower marks relatively because they "obviously are not taking the course as seriously."

How would you resolve the dilemma?

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