Montcalm - Graham’s Out of His League

Prepared by W. Morley Lemon

You are a student in Professor Dey’s accounting class at Montcalm University. You are working in a group with Janet, Graham, Bill and Donna. In the process of working in the group on the large number of group assignments that you have for this course, you discover that Graham works very hard and does his best to make a contribution to the group, but just lacks the necessary abilities to do the work. Anything that he has written and submitted as part of his contribution has to be rewritten by other members of the group because his communicative and writing skills are atrocious. You are concerned about his future academic progress and are not sure what to do.

What should you do? Should you speak to the professor about him, with a view to helping him—not to having him penalized? He does work hard and tries very earnestly to do what is required of him.

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