Montcalm - Is It Different When You Are Involved?

Prepared by W. Morley Lemon

Andrew is a student in Professor Gardiner’s class at Montcalm University. The class assignments include group work and he has become aware that his group is using a graduate student to prepare the group’s answers to questions. This situation makes him very uncomfortable since the graduate student has become more than a resource to the group. His group approached the graduate student as a resource but the graduate student, in her enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject, gradually took over more and more of the case preparation. As a consequence, she actually does the assignments, including inputting them into the computer etc., leaving the students, in effect, doing nothing. Professor Gardiner has been very fulsome in his praise of Andrew’s group and the high quality of work his group is doing compared to the other students in the class who have done their own work.

What should Andrew do in this situation?

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