Montcalm - The Slacker

You are in Professor Fenella’s accounting class at Montcalm University. You are part of a group, assigned by Professor Fenella, consisting of David, Jenny and Jan. In this particular course, there is a lot of group work and a substantial portion of the grade is based on this group work.

You have never worked with Jan before and you find that she quite frequently has excuses for not being at group meetings. When asked to do parts of the group project, her work is inevitably not of a very high quality. David, Jenny and you have been working extra hard to pick up the slack caused by Jan’s shirking and, as a consequence of your extra effort, the assignments that your group has been submitting have received consistently good grades in the range of A to A-.

You are aware of the fact that Jan’s contribution has been small or none and yet Jan is benefitting from the grades you have obtained.

What should you do?

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