John Brownlee at FastCompany describes the "ultimate tuque",  a version of the hat most associated with Canada.  Designed by Toronto design firm Frontier, the tuque aims to get this iconic piece of headgear right.

In terms of function, the Frontier tuque is designed to address many common complaints about tuques, such as scratchy material, lack of warmth, retention of sweat, and being too tight. It may be the most technotonic tuque of all time!

Materials employed include qiviuq, that is, musk-ox wool, selected for the inner layer because it is soft but strong, warm, and does not shrink when wet.

In terms of style, the Frontier tuque goes for the classic look: a straight-forward knit cap in conservative gray without any ornamental pattern or bob at the top.  The only branding comes in the form of three vertical bars sewn inconspicuously at the front on the lip.

Clearly, this design is one made to fit squarely with its cultural context.  That is, it is a prototypical tuque in terms of its looks, an effect heightened (or not subordinated) by the subdued branding.  As such, much of its appeal resides in its authenticity, though its more exotic material may have some snob appeal, also reinforced by its $195 price tag.

Courtesy of Frontier.

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