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Welcome to the University of Waterloo Centre for Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (CPAMI).

The centre is interdisciplinary, bringing together experts from artificial intelligence, computer science, software engineering, cognitive science, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical and mechatronics engineering, systems design engineering, civil engineering, management sciences, chemical engineering, mathematics, and statistics. The center collaborates with a number of industrial partners at the local and the provincial levels and also cooperates with other centres at the University of Waterloo and at other universities.

  1. June 24, 2021CPAMI Director, Prof. Karray and his students receive the prestigious 2021 IEEE Vehicular Technology Society Best Land Transportation Paper Award

    The award, established by the Vehicular Technology Society in 2001, recognizes the best research work relating to Land Transportation published in the IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology in the past few years and which had an impact on the research in the field. The title of the article is: Improving Traffic Flow Prediction with Weather Information in Connected Cars: A Deep Learning Approach, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, Vol. 65, No. 12, pp.

  2. Apr. 15, 2021CPAMI Founding co-Director Prof. Andrew Wong Publishes a Seminal AI/ML Article on Nature's Scientific Reports
    CPAMI Founding co-Director Prof. Andrew Wong Publishes a Seminal AI/ML Article on Nature's Scientific Reports.
  3. Apr. 14, 2021CPAMI affiliate Professor Kerstin Dautenhahn shares her recent research work on social robotics

    CPAMI affiliate Professor Kerstin Dautenhahn shares her recent research work on social robotics.

    Date: Thursday, April 15, 2021 

    Time: 3:00 p.m.

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