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The Center of Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence research deals on both sides of science, theoretical and applied. Several laboratories are at the disposition of the CPAMI faculty and staff.

Savvas Chamberlain Family floor in Engineering 5 (E5) and Centre for Environmental and Information Technology (EIT) is the home of the 6 labs under the supervision of Fakhri Karray and Otman Basir. 

The following is a brief description of the research conducted in each lab:

Knowledge Systems (E5-5107):  

Discovery and analysis of knowledge for mixed-mode, relational and stochastic data, analyzing unstructured data, concept-based data mining, image mining, document and multimedia clustering and classification.
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Pattern Analysis, Image Processing and Recognition (E5-5108):  

Shape representation, shape-based retrieval, image processing, medical image analysis, classification and clustering methods, biometrics, speech and emotion recognition and applications in visual inspection, computer vision, and audio transcription.
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Machine Perception and Sensors (E5-5121):

Sensor location planning, multi-sensors deployment and fusion, fault-tolerant and self repairing sensors, modeling biological senses, object tracking and detection, multimodal surveillance systems, behaviour sensing and detection.

Autonomous Systems and Mobile Robotics (E5-5123):

Multiagent systems, cooperative robots, real-time distributed coordination and control, smart mechatronics, multiagent communication and protocols, cognitive robotics and assistive environments.

Intelligent Human Computer Interaction (E5-5008/5011):

Driver behavior recognition, intelligent control and command, Intelligent Transportation System and  Vehicle Ad'hoc Network simulators, traffic control modeling for connected vehicles, situation awareness modeling in intelligent highways models, multi-sensor data fusion, soft and hard data and information sensing.

Synchromedia and Large Scale Computation (EIT-3101):

Smart communication, large scale computing and data mining.