Intercultural Dialogue Institute (IDI)

Who we are

Sinan MetinSinan Metin
Executive Director

Intercultural Dialogue Institute is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to advance social cohesion through personal interaction. IDI aims to do this by promoting respect and mutual understanding among people of all cultures and faiths through dialogue and partnership.

Intercultural Dialogue Institute aims to promote enduring interfaith and intercultural cooperation, tolerance and dialogue by sharing differences and similarities in an effort to enhance civil society, to promote the development of human values, and to advance diversity and multiculturalism in the society. The Institute aims to eliminate or reduce false stereotypes, prejudices and unjustified fears through direct human communication. By this mission IDI, contributes to the improvement of diversity, pluralism, and multiculturalism throughout Canada.

In this regard, IDI organizes social, educational and cultural activities such as lectures, seminars, conferences, discussion forums, luncheons, informative dinners, programs for students and youth, intercultural exchange trips, courses, and outreach programs.

IDI logo IDI was formed in 2010 as a joint effort of several organizations and currently have 11 chapters and regional office in major cities of five Canadian provinces. Through participation in the Centre for Peace Advancement's Epp Peace Incubator, IDI developed its Kitchener-Waterloo branch.

The Institute is not a religious or ethnic organization. It aims to facilitate dialogue on a whole range of social issues, regardless of any particular faith or religion. It stands for democracy, human rights, the non-instrumentalisation of religion in politics, equality, and freedom of speech.

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