Gallery update - July 2020

Even as Ontario moves into Stage 3 of reopening plans, the University of Waterloo and Conrad Grebel University College will not be opening to the public for the foreseeable future. We are now anticipating hosting our next exhibit one year from now, in Fall 2021.

We continue to remain open to receiving proposals from artists for future exhibits.

If you are interested in viewing information on past exhibits, you can do so on our Past Exhibits page.

The Grebel Gallery is located in the heart of the Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement and is part of the vibrant artistic community in K-W. Totalling approximately 700 square feet, it is also central to the Centre for Peace Advancement's strategic commitment to “peace and artistic expression”.

The Centre for Peace Advancement is committed to being a place to craft, record, map, and perform the stories of peacemaking. A place to give voice to others. The Gallery is a welcoming display and exhibit space for visual art and media, for receptions, small workshops, and small coffee houses or concerts. We aspire to create the buzz: “What’s on display at the Centre for Peace Advancement?”.

Cultural Translation exhibit with patrons viewing pottery on walls

The Centre for Peace Advancement gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund.