Art, music, and the new Mennonite hymnal

Wednesday, March 16, 2022


Troy Osborne stands in the gallery viewing the art

On March 14, 2022 Voices Together: A Celebration of Art and Music officially opened at the Grebel Gallery. After travelling from Bethel College to Eastern Mennonite University, the original art found in the Voices Together Mennonite hymnal reached Conrad Grebel University College for its only Canadian stop along its tour of Mennonite colleges in North America. The exhibit offers an intimate view of the twelve works found in the hymnal along with some additional companion pieces by the artists.

Visitors to the Grebel Gallery have the unique opportunity to view the exhibit while listening to an audio companion that contextualizes the artwork within the hymnal and offers commentary on the pairing of visual art with worship music. Grebel faculty members Carol Penner, Director of Theological Studies and Assistant Professor of Theological Studies, and Kate Steiner, Assistant Professor of Music and Director of the Church Music and Worship Program worked together to create this audio companion.

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Penner also shared an article in Canadian Mennonite where she explores the use of art in worship further. She writes, "Images reach into our lives in a different way than written text or even music. I remember sitting in church services as a little kid, paging through my Bible and looking for pictures. Children growing up in congregations with the new hymnal will be shaped by the artwork they see there week after week."

Read Worship through visual art by Carol Penner

Community members are invited to visit the Grebel Gallery to view Voices Together: A Celebration of Art and Music until August 19, 2022.