Building robots with a humanitarian mission

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Richard Yim and Demine Robotics team with robot prototypeLast week, the University of Waterloo released a feature highlighting Richard Yim of Demine Robotics. The Demine Robotics team have created a demining excavation machine to free the world of landmines. They hope their robot will save deminers and the hundreds of children who are killed by landmines around the world every year.

Demine Robotics is a member of our Epp Peace Incubator and with the support of Paul Heidebrecht has been thinking and working politically to leverage funding and make change. Yim noted that for his company to succeed, “it’s not just about building the right technology, but it’s about knowing the right people, understanding the social problem and understanding the organizational pain-points that we need to solve.”

Read the full story here and watch a video of Demine Robotics at work.