Map the System: thinking differently about social and environmental change

Monday, January 7, 2019

Map the systemWant to explore a social or environmental issue that matters to you? Do you want to connect with other socially conscious students, researchers and practitioners at the University of Waterloo and beyond?

Map the System is your opportunity to tackle a real world issue while building research and presentation skills, forging connections with innovators and changemakers in the field, preparing for future career and internship opportunities, and competing for a chance to present at the University of Oxford and win cash prizes. 

This challenge will prompt you to think differently about social and environmental change by mapping out a problem you care about, while developing the tools you need to understand the larger context and complexities of your issue. Map the System is an opportunity for you to explore, probe, and research a problem and present your findings in a way that people can understand, share, and learn from.

This year, the University of Waterloo will be a part of this global challenge to map out systems for social transformation. The competition is open to any University of Waterloo student, and will be integrated into two University of Waterloo Winter 2019 courses—PACS 302: Social Innovation and Peacebuilding and INDEV 308: Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

Want to be a part of this years’ Map the System challenge? Participate as an individual or a team of up to five people. You will need to register by January 28 at with final submissions due April 1. Contact Amy Zavitz for more details on how you can get involved.