Saying “Hello, again!” to new Interim Centre Coordinator Victoria Lumax 

Friday, April 29, 2022
by Victoria Lumax

Between April and August 2022, the Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement welcomes Victoria Lumax to the team as Interim Coordinator. Less than one month into her new role, Lumax’s confidence and expertise have enabled her to hit the ground running as she supports the Centre’s many initiatives and stakeholders. Having previously worked as the Centre’s Communications Assistant, Lumax is a testament to the potential of the Centre’s network to advance careers in an impactful way.   

Over 130 students have worked for the Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement, affiliate organizations, and incubator start-ups since the Centre opened in September 2014. Many of them have gone on to pursue careers in peacebuilding, and some have even returned to the Centre community. Among the Centre’s previous co-op students, Victoria Lumax is the first to return in the role that she used to report to. 

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Victoria Lumax joins the Centre as Interim Coordinator for the spring 2022 semester. An experienced communicator and passionate peacebuilder, Lumax is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Peace and Conflict Studies and Rhetoric, Media, and Professional Communication at the University of Waterloo.  

While working as the Centre’s Communications Assistant for two semesters, Lumax became highly familiar with the Centre’s vast network of stakeholders and supported the community’s day-to-day operations. “My co-op placement at the Centre helped me understand my desire to work for institutions grounded in social impact and hope,” reflects Victoria. “It has helped me understand that I am passionate about grassroots approaches to community and systems change, and that I want to work somewhere that recognizes the necessary granular efforts but also the big picture.” Experience working in university communications, ministry, tutoring, and technical writing, coupled with her time doing systems mapping research as one of the Centre’s Grebel Peace Incubator fellows, made her an excellent candidate for the job. 

“Coming back to the Centre was a no-brainer for me! I want to continue developing myself as a young professional in the peace and justice space, and my role as coordinator will give me the chance to lean into my strengths.” 

Lumax is also actively engaged with Conrad Grebel University College, having lived in residence for multiple terms, and served on Grebel’s Student Council as Peace Representative and Co-op Representative. “My favourite part about working in Grebel community are the incredible and brilliant individuals I get to work alongside. They are driven people with incredible ideas. They are constantly growing and adapting to a changing world,” she shares.  

For Lumax, the opportunity to take on another role in the Centre community stood out as a chance to continue to develop her strategic planning, administrative, and interpersonal skills. “Coming back to the Centre was a no-brainer for me! I want to continue developing myself as a young professional in the peace and justice space, and my role as coordinator will give me the chance to lean into my strengths. I’m looking forward to celebrating alongside Centre participants as they experience big wins and comforting them when projects may not go to plan.” 

The Centre for Peace Advancement hires students every semester as Program/Communications Assistants, Incubator Fellows, or other roles as they emerge. This tightly knit community may be small, but its network is mighty and filled with opportunities for growing professionals to diversify their experience through lateral or vertical career advancement. “Believe in your potential, have an open mind, and never underestimate the power of networking,” Lumax advises future co-op students. “Sometimes I think about how proud my younger self would be if she could see where my journey has led me. The Centre for Peace Advancement has opened many doors for me, and I’m so thankful.”  

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