Katie running in a field

       Katie Gingerich, Coordinator
       Epp Peace Incubator Member

About Peace Camp

Peace Camp is a peace education organization currently in its fifth year of operation. Whether in elementary classroom workshops, or a week-long summer day camp, Peace Camp strives to equip Waterloo Region’s youth with tangible peace building skills. At Peace Camp, we share stories and learn from organizations and individuals working for peace in our community, meet people from various cultural backgrounds, faiths and orientations, and ultimately, learn that peace is possible.

Peace Camp facilitates hands-on peace building training via group activities that enable youth to learn transferable communication strategies and brainstorming techniques, so that they can understand and approach problems affecting their and others’ worlds. Youth engage in a mix of formal and information recreation that imparts problem solving skills, including peer-to-peer cooperation and self-exploration as well as group-self and self-group awareness.

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