Peacebuilding and Social Innovation (PACS 302)

 Director of The Ripple Effect Education writing on whiteboardAre peacebuilders social innovators? How can the growing interest in social entrepreneurship and changemaking among students at the University of Waterloo be enriched and re-focused by insights from Peace and Conflict Studies?

This course pilot will address the overlaps and synergies between social innovation and the theory and practice of peacebuilding. The work of Grebel’s Centre for Peace Advancement indicates that the expertise of social change agents and social entrepreneurs can helpfully nuance and extend the efforts of peacebuilders as they seek new vehicles and avenues for their work. Likewise, insights from the field of peacebuilding can enrich the field of social innovation. While targeting PACS majors and minors, this course will draw on the expertise and connections of the Centre for Peace Advancement to enable PACS to make a distinctive contribution to the growing variety of entrepreneurship course offerings at UWaterloo.