Who we are

isaiahIsaiah Ritzmann, Founder
Epp Peace Incubator Member

PeaceHub is a project founded by Isaiah Ritzmann and supported by the the Kitchener Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. Its mission is to work towards a resilient peace by catalyzing a robust, grass-roots network that connects and nurtures volunteer community initiatives that build peace in various ways. This network, and its connected initiatives, is seen as concurrent and complimentary to the peacebuilding work of formal agencies.

The concept of a resilient peace understands that environmental scarcity, including but not limited to climate change, is both the broadest context of peacebuilding and that to build cultures, institutions and systems that support and nurture peace we must also build cultures, institutions and systems that are resilient in the face of ecological challenges.

PeaceHUB sees as its inspiration the TransitionTown movement which is also a grassroots network aiming to build resilient local communities. Whereas TransitionTown works towards local community resilience PeaceHUB works towards resilience in the peacebuilding sector. The primary work that PeaceHUB engages in is education and networking work related to the vision of a resilient peace.

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