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The Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change (IC3) brings together experts across disciplines to consider the impacts of climate change from every angle. A fresh approach, built on smart science, working toward achievable solutions – because at Waterloo, change really does matter.

Established in 2008, ICseeks to advance research on climate change through an interdisciplinary approach: understanding the physical basis of climate change, its impacts on biophysical and human systems, and adaptation and mitigation strategies in response to changes.

  1. Dec. 1, 2015IC3 and Environment students head to Paris for United Nations Climate Conference

    This week, political leaders from all over the world, including new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, will arrive in Paris to negotiate a plan to fight global climate change. The University of Waterloo is sending a handful of students to be on the ground in the French capital as the historic agreement unfolds around them.

    COP21 Team

  2. Oct. 1, 2015The results are in! Canadians and global citizens share views on climate change and energy

    10 000 citizens, 97 debates in 76 countries talk climate change and energy

  3. Sept. 9, 2015Faculty of Environment welcomes new director of Partners for Action

    The Faculty of Environment and IC3 would like to welcome Shawna Peddle as the new Director of Partners for Action (P4A)

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Associate Professor, School of Environment, Enterprise and Development

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Sustainable materials management, life-cycle assessment (LCA) and enterprise carbon management

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