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The Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change (IC3) brings together experts across disciplines to consider the impacts of climate change from every angle. A fresh approach, built on smart science, working toward achievable solutions – because at the University of Waterloo, change really does matter.

IC3's mission is to facilitate interdisciplinary research and education that empowers business, government and civil society to respond effectively to climate change and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient society.

  1. Dec. 3, 2020Fall 2020 Concept $5K Winners
    Concept 5K winner photo

    Winners announced for Concept $5K Competition

    This semester IC3 partnered with UWaterloo’s Concept to launch the brand-new Climate Change Grant, an additional funding opportunity offered through the Concept $5K Pitch Competition. Students were encouraged to think outside the box and develop innovative projects focused on climate solutions.

  2. Nov. 26, 2020Intact Centre report release "Under One Umbrella: Practical Approaches for Reducing Flood Risks in Canada"
    Rain falling on eavestrough

    New report highlights a range of standards and guidance on flood risk reduction

    The University of Waterloo's applied research centre and IC3's sub-centre, the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation (Intact Centre), released a new report ": Practical Approaches for Reducing Flood Risks in Canada". 

  3. Nov. 23, 2020Waterloo Stories: "Innovating to tackle a climate crisis"
    hand holding a lightbulb

    Adrien Côté sits down with University Relations to discuss the role of entrepreneurship as a power tool to build back our economy and tackle climate change.

    The original article is featured in Waterloo Stories.

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