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The University of Waterloo is at the forefront of innovation and is home to transformational research and inspired learning.

IC3 icon logoThe Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change (IC3) is the focal point for climate change research, training and knowledge mobilization at Waterloo.

IC3 is an interdisciplinary hub with 100+ Waterloo faculty researchers, students, and scientists from partner institutions and government agencies. The centre is also home to several research sub-centres, including: Polar Data Catalogue, Canadian Cryoshperic Information Network, and Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation.

IC3 supports climate change research and innovation in three critical areas:

  1. Apr. 7, 2021Merrin Macrae proposes use of adaptive, cost‐effective conservation practices in watershed planning
    Merrin and researcher in field site

    Merrin Macrae is a professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management and a member of the Water Institute and IC3.

    Article written by: The Water Institute

    Agricultural phosphorus losses contributing to eutrophication of surface water is a global concern. The re-eutrophication of Lake Erie over recent decades has emerged as a cautionary lesson in long-term watershed management.

  2. Apr. 5, 2021Fighting Climate Change with Innovation
    Climate change fund winners poster

    IC3 and Concept announce the winners of the Climate Change Fund

    Written by Concept
    The orginal article is available on Concept's website

    Fighting against the harmful effects of climate change can take many different forms. Reducing, reusing, and recycling are helpful and have been staples of eco-friendly campaigns for decades, but with technological advances and an increased urgency we as a species must do more.

  3. Mar. 25, 2021New study develops research agenda to advance scientific understanding of Solar Geoengineering and its potential to cool Earth
    Juan Moreno-Cruz_headshot

    Waterloo researcher part of interdisciplinary committee releasing new report “Reflecting Sunlight: Recommendations for Solar Geoengineering Research and Research Governance”

    Waterloo’s Juan Moreno-Cruz is a member of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine(NASEM) committee who developed the report on Solar Geoengineering (SG).

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  1. Apr. 22, 2021International Climate Change Governance webinar

    Are you interested in learning about COP26? Join us for the first event in the UWaterloo’s Road to COP26 series.

    The Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change (IC3) is excited to present the “International Climate Change Governance” webinar happening April 22nd at 11:00am.

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