Accelerating the transition to a just, resilient, low-carbon future

The University of Waterloo Climate Institute brings together scientists and students to elevate and enhance the impact and excellence of innovative interdisciplinary research and education that empowers business, government and civil society to respond effectively to the climate crisis.

University of Waterloo’s unique combination of strengths and depth of expertise allows us to deal head-on with the complexity and interconnectedness of social, political and technological dimensions of the climate crisis.

Our expertise and focus

Our three core areas of research and innovation are developed through lenses of equity, justice, governance, and innovation to create truly impactful solutions for this existential global challenge. 


Explore Harshina's illuminating blog as she delves into the intricate landscape of global water conservation post-COP28, highlighting discussions on women's rights, indigenous perspectives, and youth activism. Through rigorous analysis, she underscores the pressing need for coordinated action and inclusive policies to protect our planet's vital water resources for future generations.