Spix: a single-pass authenticated encryption algorithm

Spix is a single-pass authenticated encryption algorithm that is designed by Riham AlTawy, Guang Gong, Morgan He, Kalikinkar Mandal, and Raghvendra Rohit. It authenticates both messages and header fields, and is designed to operate in constrained systems that can provide nonce uniqueness. It adopts a monkey duplexed Sponge-based mode of operation and provides a throughput of 81.8 Kbps for 1 KB messages. Moreover, it provides 128-bits security for both confidentiality and authenticity within a compact hardware area of 2406 GE. The underlying permutation of Spix is built from two of the well know and extensively cryptanalyzed constructions; Generalized Feistel Structure (GFS) Type II and the Simeck/Simon round function.


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