WAGE is designed, at the ComSec Lab at the University of Waterloo, by Mark Aagaard, Riham AlTawy, Guang Gong, Kalikinkar Mandal, Raghvendra Rohit, and Nusa Zidaric.

WAGE is a lightweight authenticated encryption with associated data (AEAD) algorithm. The WAGE AEAD algorithm offers 128-bit security, and supports a key of 128 bits and authentication tag size of 128 bits. At the core of WAGE is a lightweight permutation whose core components are a shift register with a feedback polynomial, two Welch-Gong (WG) permutations, and four 7-bit Sboxes. WAGE is designed to be efficient in hardware and provide a good trade-off between security and hardware efficiency.

Cryptanalysis Codes

Differential cryptanalysis (Zip)


Should you have any question or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us. Email: kmandal@uwaterloo.ca.


Microcontroller code (ZIP)

in assembly language