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Scott Campbell, E7 6444

Lawrence Folland, DC 1316

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Spring 2024 (May to August): 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday in DC 1316

Current Artifacts 

Click here to view what artifacts are currently in the Computer Museum Welcome Centre (DC 1316).


Do you have an old computer taking up space in your office (or your garage)? Are there old manuals on your bookshelf for software you haven't touched in decades? Don't just send it off to be recycled quite yet!

In particular, we're interested in artifacts of direct or slightly indirect relevance to the history of computing here at Waterloo.

  • Did you keep your old lab manuals from a computer course? Let us know!
  • Do you still have your old slide rule or programmable calculator in your desk drawer but haven't used it in decades? We could use it for a display!
  • Did you work at a Waterloo spin-off on your co-op term and you still have some manuals sitting around? Let us know!
  • Did you scratch-build a personal computer for a research project and you just didn't know who might be interested? We'd love to talk to you!
  • Have you been keeping a collection of old hardware and software on punch cards hidden in a closet somewhere, just waiting for someone to start a museum? Well, now is the time!

Then just email our curators (make sure you include your name and email or phone number!) and we'll arrange a visit to assess your treasures and hopefully add them to our collection!

Location: Davis Centre room 1316

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We're on the North-East corner of the Davis Centre, near the door at the intersection of Ring Road and William Tutte Way.

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