Welcome to the Computer Museum at the University of Waterloo


The Computer Museum's collection contains a few artifacts that were designed in the early 1970s to help people learn about the fundamentals of computing. Not all were used here at the school, but they provide insight as to what learning computing was like around the time the department was founded.

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Special Visitor: Robert J. Sawyer

We had Canadian Science Fiction author Robert J. Sawyer and his wife, poet Carolyn Clink, drop by the museum today. He’s in town to discuss his latest novel "The Downloaded", set in Waterloo.

Explore the evolution of modern mobile technology through key artifacts like the CASIO QV-100 camera, HTC Dream smartphone, and Garmin eTrex GPS. These devices, from pioneering digital photography to early smartphone innovations and GPS functionalities, have collectively shaped today's versatile mobile devices, illustrating how technological advancements continue to redefine our daily experiences.